Today I feel like I am playing against the site, and the site wins.

Can't win a hand. 99 loses to 98, AK loses to K5 (which, by the way, seems to win against me independently of what I have including AA and KK, the same as 49 - on any other day, too) etc. What hands to play?

The culmination was 53 (on blinds). The flop came 553, I went all in and was called by a guy with K 10. Then 10 10 came and he won. That was on UB though

A similar hand on PS was (several days ago), when I had J3 on blinds, the flop came JJ3, the turn was 7 after which we were all in, and I lost to a guy with AA because the A came on the river. That sucks, but not as much as the hand above.

Usually when I lose on PokerStars, I win on FT and/or UB , but not today. Fortunately, my (much larger) bankroll is safe in smaller places where anybody knowing that flush beats straight can win  It's hard to get money from them, but it is a different story.

I miss PartyPoker. That was a dream place. Hands there also sucked from time to time, but not as much as people. On the other hand, that may be true for some other sites as well... What I mean is that it was another good site to play on. Unfortunately, when they withdrew from our market, they implicitely admitted that their actions here were illegal.