There is a joke:
  • Q: What is the difference between a church and a poker room?
  • A: In both places people pray, but in the poker room they really mean it!
Some hands definitely require a lot of praying. Just 3 recent examples:
  1. A guy with 94 off went all in from the UTG. 2 people called - with jacks and with AK. The board came 35687. He won.
  2. Another guy went all in with K2 suited from the early position. 2 people called - with 78 and with A10. The flop was 222 and he won.
  3. On the board A79 rainbow a guy with pocket aces raised all in, and a guy with 23 suited, but a different suit than the cards on the flop, having less chips, called. The turn was 4, the river - 5, and the guy called that flop with 23 won.
Personally, I prayed to John Paul II helping me to win a significant amount of money on PokerStars (Sunday's Million would do.) That would be a miracle and John Paul II needs one for his canonization. Didn't happen thus far, but I continue praying.