It has been a while but i just had to get this off my mind, it is to do with the daily challenges in the Football Fever promo. I have spotted something were you can improve your +EV quite alot, infact i really think this will br worth some $$$ to you if you are taking part in the promotion. The Russia V South Korea match has just finished, and this is a prime example of  were my theory can be implemented.  There were over 28,000 players who have picked a result, 25,700 picked Russia 4600 picked the draw and 3800 went for South Korea. I really thought that Russia were quite rightly 65% favs to win the match, 25% for the draw and 10% long shot South Korea winning, thats what i myself thought the likely outcome was around. The match finished in a draw so you might be thinking i lost my ticket, as like i said i thought the likely winner's most probably  would be Russia, but as like a poker hand that was not the smart play definately a -EV bet. As to win any $$ i would have to win most probably 3 HU flips, to win the minimum amount available. Not a very good outlook for my bankroll. BUt as i said i really thought the best +EV here was the match to be a draw, as i really thought South Korea had a good chance of getting something from the match. And with only just over 4600 picking this outcome, if you picked this you might only have to win a single HU Flip hand. So i did pick this and low and behold the match finished 1-1, so with using some thing similar to what i use in Poker i am in with a great chance of adding to my bankroll always a good thing no matter what amount. This has not been the only time this has happened as well , less value in the Spain match but there was another game were the correct result only had just over 1000 winners, like the Brazil match everyone went for Brazil even after there flattering win in the first match, against the good Mexican team who have a great record against Brazil. There were 1034 people who went for the draw and 1028 people get paid, and alot bigger amount than most of the other games. So basically 28 people will have a HU Flip but everyone else has already cashed, so instead of going for the red hot favs all the time really think about were the best +EV is, obvious some matches there will only be one winner, but like people hitting there one outer on the river some football teams do the equivilant and get a surprise result. So hopefully this might help you get paid in some of these, and if you really know nothing about football drop me a line i would not mind telling you were the best overall +EV is. Italy V Cosat Rica and England V Uruguay look like there will be some value to be found. Good luck anyway no matter what you decide to go for..