There has been a homegame created for people who really love to play poker, It is the Anzac homegame and we are looking for serious players who like to talk poker and play to the best of there ability no donks need apply. Seriously we want to have a similar game as to what you can experience playing in the PSO series, So any of the regulars you should be joining. The games will be NZ, AUS, and Canadian time friendly .  Have a look in the Homegame section or go to the homegame forum and let me or the Big Boss ( who is brettNZ ) and let us know what you would like to play as a poker lover i love all poker so we will be playing a wide variety of games. There are some cash real and play up at the moment including a play 8 game so you can practice different games. I was going to try a game to run the same time as the PSO game today , so what are you waiting for  ?


We are trying our first game , hope you give it a go..