The spring series has finished and i just wanted to say a thanks to the other players, as i had to unregister from the last 3 events yesterday as i was not feeling too good, so after playing for only a hour i was not feeling it, so closed pokerstars and decided to have a night watching some films instead. So the series in most  has been played in a correct manner with the play being of a decent standard. Sure some people get a little upset when they have a so called bad beat,  (I have to thank  Bill Curran for mine) but it was few and far between , what struck me was a friendly atmosphere with poker being played of decent quality since the buy ins are very small, similar games are usually just donkfests. So if you are looking to gain some experience for a little cost in a wide variety of games then the Pokerschool online Homegame is the place to get some experience. There is series every month so i imagine the next one will run along side the upcoming scoop . So if you like to play were the standard rather than prizepool is the most important thing then i hope you give the next series a try..