My best moment playing on pokerstars, was the first time i took part in the ukipt qualifying. The first part was a freezeout which would lead to a ticket to the final stage. I picked the freezeout rather than the rebuy tourneys as i feel the variance is not as bad in the freezout's, and it played out like i hoped for. The play was of a decent standard not too much happened early on everyone played a fairly ABC game. I did notice that the next two people to my left were very passive i think one of them had stats of 10 vpp 0 pfr and the other player was about 19vpp 2 pfr so i picked this as a perfect position to steal a few blinds. The blinds had increased and antes had come into play so trying to steal was going to be very important to keep my head above water, so my very next button it is passed to me so i 3x thinking of the chips i am about to recieve small blind folds as i thought the big blind shoves all in . How dare he play back i thought, i had to fold my J 6 anyway ! . The very next time  i have the button it is passed to me again, this time i have a hand JJ so i think the best way especially with what happened before was to 3x again i had thought about just shoving as JJ if you get a caller there is a big chance there will be overcards and if they donk out i normally have to throw them away. So 3x to 600 leaving me 3600 behind small blind folds again the big blind you guessed it shoves again so i think for about 2 seconds and call i have him covered by about 400. He shows wait for it 9 7s , i will take that every day he obviously thought i was just making a move so the flop comes A57 he we go i have a bad feeling about this the turn is another 7 as i inturn make the air go blue " YOU STUPID DON" before i finsh the river brings me another J for a boat , no sweat i new i was going to win (whatever). For the next couple of levels there is nothing much i pick up KK to win a decent pot and take 2 people out by hitting a set out of the big blind with my pocket 6. So my stack grows to about 24,000 . The last decent pot i win the blinds are 1000-2000 my stack is about 38,000 now so i am not rolling in chips there was about another 6 people to exit before the rest would advance to the next round i am in the cut off and i get AQs there is a raise which is 2.  quite normal at this stage the raise has stats of 25vpp 19pfr so quite aggrsive stats i thought so i decide to flat rather than reraise which i did consider no one else calls the flop comes 4A9 i have top pair and 4 cards to the nut flush also the raiser leads out for 9,000 just under a pot size bet he has me covered so if i shove i am at risk. I think if i call i cant really fold the turn no matter what comes so i think shoving with top pair nut flush draw is the best thing to do so i shove he shows pocket 9s for a set so i am in trouble the turn is a king but luckily i hit my flush on the river, phew that was close i dont play another hand as i am almost certain to qualify and i do. The final is 5 days later i missed out on a ticket buy 1 place but i did win some decent money so that was my most memorable moment on pokerstars not because it was the most i had won but because it gave me the knowledge that i could through the satellite system be one day playing live in one of the bigger tournements, and you never know when you get there ! every dog has its day they say maybe mine might be not too much in the distant future ! ! !