Wow...Am I glad it's over, today being the last day before the beginning of the Premier League, August 1st.,2011 and out of that jungle called The Open League.
Brother!!, if you did not know poker you sure will learn after that experience, but I'll say... I'm better off for it.
  I made my 20VPPs+ and I'm trying to reach 150 before the day is over...a day of poker...I like the rush of no PSO jungle play for me today....its strictly 'fifty 50' play today or someone told me, play Omaha tables and build my VPPs here we go.

Looking forward to seeing all my friends at the Premier League...I'll call some here goes...Brizer73, BARRYDOGG378, bindy67,TANDY2008,spade69er,4liv,3D ICEMAN,BobbyTheFish,Darkman61,PixieDixie, to name a few...

See you at the TABLES