Hi All,

We are now in an advanced League. 
Yes I say its advanced...why?
Well I think that this is no longer a tourney for the faint hearted, its a tourney in a tourney.
More exposure, more players, more practice, more money, more points, more friends,more experience, more PSO.
When you get into the bubble now you can pat yourself on the back and say well done. I have been able to do that to myself but once. I am sure I am improving, thanks to the PSO of Poker Stars.
Hats off to Poker Stars and there Team. Guys you are doing an excellent job. Of course you cannot please every body all of the time but overall you are GREAT!!
Change can be a bitch however, once you embrase it you can love it.

So to ALL my mates/ pals/ friends/ country men/ collegues/ associates and even those whom I may have disagreements with.....