Man I went to register with the PSO this month and man I was shocked:-| . There were 9945 players registered for this tournament. What has happened? I am accostom to playing with a few hundreds but certainly not 9945
As far as the bad beats were concerned nothing has changed. I lost at position 7500 or so to a usualPS badbeat. You know...The one where, once the individual has more chips than you 99% of the times that individual will win regardless of cards. So my trips As got taken down by Q5s on the river.
Playing with 700 players took 3 to 4hrs to get you to the final table, now with 10,000 how many hours will
that take? it does not seem to be fun any longer, however let me see how that pans out.

Hey I'm just thinking, is it because that other site shut down that we have had this influx.

It no longer seems like a private tourney. Its more like a Hawkins or Hubbles freeroll tourney.ops:

In less than an hour all my old PSO friends were busted...they may have all been suffering from shock as I am...lol8-O

Hope I can link up to some of my friends so we could talk about the new happenings.

Lets see how these new developments pan out.

Give me your feed back.