Hello and hiya to all my friends/pals/mates at PSO.,

I had a poor month last month however, I have had a good weekend:100 pts earned. I must say that, this results I'll  share with my pals/mates who encouraged me like bri, 67 and .....
Its nice to have friends even though they are online. {I must plug a word here for the person/s who invented the Internet. It has made the world smaller and I can now interact with individuals that I would never have met otherwise}. For example today I spoke with player 'pokerstars' from the phillapines.(hope I spelt it correct) he was 12 hours ahead of me in time. I also spoke to brizen67 from Britian among others. How nice.
Want to encourage my pals to 'keep on keeping on' and be patient

See you at the top!!
We'll meet at the tables.
        Love you all.