Hey guys, 

This post is nearly a week late but hey ho!

So i made my first deposit of $20 las week and have been grinding away at the 1/2c cash games, and managed to turned my 20 in 80! I feel i could probably move up a level but will keep playing at 1/2c for the remander of the week at least. 

Now for the bad news! After making my 80 bucks i decided to try my hand at some SnGs, so i started on the spin and go's at $1 and then moved up to the $5 winning a few and further increased my bankroll to 3 figures! Then it started to go downhill, losing a few $5 games and failing to win when the big pots came around. 

I then jumped ship to the $3.50 18 man SnG's and made a few final tables but failed to cash. 

So as of this moment my bankroll is sitting at $50.10, and as much as i want to feel sorry for myself i need to remember that although i had 100 odd dollars and lost 50, ive still made a $30 profit!

I think for the rest of the week i will do some substantial stuying of the SnG game and try to improve on that side of things.

Cheers guys see you all at the tables!!!