ok guys, first blog post time!

So ive been playing away on the 1/2c full ring tables with my first $2 from the bankroll builder promo. I must be honest just from taking the time to read and pass the poker basics and the cash game courses i feel like i am in a much better position than 2 days ago, particularly with pre-flop betting as i feel i was betting too weakly prior to the courses without relising it. Ive played around 100-150 hands and have turned my $2 into $9.55 which i feel is rather good considering ive never been a profit making player until now! So until i complete my bankroll builder promo ill keep grinding away at the 1/2c tables and then i think ill have a bash at some sngs if things are going well. 

So in conclusion so far PSO courses have without a doubt improved my game and made me a profiting player, hopefully its not just beginners luck. 

See you at the tables guys!!