Every Poker Players dreams about Poket Aces in their dreams. Well, Not me. Since past 1 month, I have Prayed. Never give me aces. I don't know about you guys, But I can't win with Aces nor I can fold aces, Pre-flop. Every time on Bubble, I get busted out because some weirdo goes all in and I have no choice but call with AA, only to lose.



Guess what SW Plugin of Holdem Manager says?

I lost 80% of my bankroll to a very specific hand. The hand which is considered to be the best hand of texas holdem poker - The Very Poket Aces. The almighty.

Ones or twice. Or may be even thrice, or four times? Five times? 6 7 8?

I got AA exactly 83 times out of 25000 hands. And I won its only once. Thats too in a freeroll.


Guess what you guys may say now?

You may say, You may not have raised 3 times pre-flop & reraised 3 times the initial raise and bla bla as everyone says on all forums around the internet & bla bla bla. Huh?

I better wish I don't get AA. Its better to make decision. I can play hand like AK, AQ, 22, 33, 44 to 99, 10, JJ, QQ very well. Decision is simple but Damn! AA & KK, Pre-flop? Its complete  unlucky for either me or its the software. I just hate poker now. I terribly hate it


Satistically: I should win with AA at least 75% of time.

Reality: My winning probability with AA is nothing but 0.05%


Many guys & mods on PSO & CardsChat forum says, You will make cash in long run. eh?

25000 hands aren't a good enough part of long run?


I am filled with Pain, Anger & Frustration. I had been on break quite a long time but the tilt of AA is killing me.

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PS: I changed my User ID with the the help of Poker Stars Support, due to personal reasons. Following is the link to my Previous Blog: Http://G.Jha.me/xPSO