Hi everyone




In this post I will discuss my strategy for playing  micro buy-in turbo tourneys.

So, first of all I want to tell you that no matter what stack you have at the beginning of the tournament you will be managing 10-20 bb stack throughout the whole tournament anyway.

That means that you shouldn't be desperate for chips at the beginning of the tournament instead knockout those who are desperate.

Early and Mid stages (overall strategy)

See many flops: In this type of tournament you need to see as much flops as possible, because in turbos you don't have time to wait for monsters. So don't isolate players too much with hands like JT+ instead do lots of calling with these hands.

open/call JT+ 22-JJ from any position

isolate with hands like KJo+ ATs+ when there is a first caller before you  - isolate when you are in a mid/late position only when there is a raiser and a caller 

Min 3bet (2.5x the initial raise) with monster hands - you want them to call when you have monsters

Some people want to see the turn card so badly so they will call you everytime you c-bet- if you'll play against those just let them see the turn card and then c-bet like 80-90% of the pot so it is expensive for them to continue. Works on flush draw flops as well.

By the way if you run good /playing good don't risk all your chips with AK an QQ

Early stages: play made hands, semi-bluff

Mid stages: Start bluffing when blinds are about 400/800, with at least 40bb stack.

-Bluff against mid/short stacks as well as against tight players with big stacks

Late stages: play like you would play in a turbo mtt sng -  tight with any stack

I am not going to discuss the bubble - just look fro opportunities to double up or call someone else's all in shove.

At the end of this post i would like to give you a simple recommendaion - 

don't overcomplicate things - this is  micro's - play a very simple game, advanced fancy play will not be understood in these tournaments.

Oh , almost forgot, one of the greatest turbo players said - if you have about 5bbs left and you are facing a bigblind don't shove yet , wait for another orbit to see if you'll pick a better hand.

Excuse me for my english, I hope you understand me =).

So, this was my strategy for micro turbo's if you have some clever thoughts please share them in a comment section below