Hello gamblers,i have finished my block nr. 2.Lets go to analysis  BR 880 $ increase in 10 days +39.68 % increase in this month +86.44 % Yep if look at those stats,they are really nice sounding,but in real $$$ i need moooooorrrrreeeee :-o .Now 10 days of new block is on sight,my decision to rise some volume in my game 150vpp per day,i need to keep my gold status alive for next year coming.Know it will be really hard to pickup 150 vpp in day,and hope X mas luck come to my yard,and go to next level in this week 1000$,but untill that,i will stay grinding level 3 NL 0.05-0.10. MTTs in 2nd block did not showed anything impressive at all,did not remember reaching 50 000 chips in all ( about 30) MTTs,will try next 10 days to play only 1 MTT per day. Cash games all my premium hands are in green light exept pocket QQ ,think 10 days will be enough to fix it,no preflop all-in with them at all.DONT even think that QQ are premium hand,it is MARGINAL hand,and it takes some really deep thinking ,when dealt.Good luck all my readers ,and dont forget to make rating ,if you find something intresting in my blog.