Hello, blog readers.I proceed  eduacational work ,and building my bankroll.Now it stands at 850 $,i am on the edge of new level ,4th level 0.10-0.25 starting from 1000$.I wrote about my problems playing KK,QQ in no limit cash games. At this moment KK i have fixed already,QQ still negative ,but moving upwards.The outcome is clear like the sky,i dont play them like monsters,keeping the same tactics like others pocket pairs,  no set-no bet,not building huge pots with them.Of course ,all shortstackers gets preflop all-in ,when i catch them in action,couse they are so vulnerbale.I cant understand ,how shortstack stratagy can survive even in longway.Tried it myself ,and got my KK,QQ in such disaster,remember  QQ losing 5 times in a row,and how somebody can not TILT after such happenings.Completed 6/10 days ,hope to have some fantasy MTT  to come in my yard,and keep BR in 800 $ zone ,if anything goes wrong side. See you at tables