day 1 ,on 11th sunday broke my bankroll rules ,and took part in sunday storm buy-in 11$,it was nice tournament,even let me to dream somewhere looking at the prizepool,but welcome to reality was established sooner than later , place 2187 from 116400,cashed 58$.This time past 2 days already ,earned 100vpp per day (about 2700hands).Have decided to buy my bonus dollars 50$ stellar rewards ,and 50$ for 4500fpp,total 100 $ increase to my BR. Think will be good every time i pickup bonus dollars more than 10% of my BR ,to boost it ,and keep going in the right direction. I will buy all those toys,when my BR will be in such highs,that all of thair store easy staff will cost me 1 day of my work.Had some good cash game sesions ,now my BR is at 828 $.I am in good mood ,and it sounds now like   STACK UP,STACK-UP ,TO THE TOP :-D Please if someone finds something intresting in my blog,make the rating.See you at tables