Hello gamblers, i finished my task in 10 days ,as scheduled.Pick-up those 500vpp and it become into 1000fpp (my status goldstar).   Let go to analysis BR 630$ ,increase by +33.47%.    MTTs managed to achieve 1 final table 6th place,and 1 top 100-56th ,played about 20 MTTs,picked-up 503points in monthly tournament leaderboard,this stat 503 is for motivation in the next 10day challenge.Cash games -need relax,the curse are still there and it grew in even the bigger one MONSTER :twisted: ,looked at my most vulnerable hands  KK (small nagative) QQ (big nagative) all other pockets in green light :wink: ,must think twice what my action will be when dealt KK,QQ. Now  next 10 day block , to pickup 100vpp per day ( about 3000hands) it will take more than 6 hours from me,with break intervals even more,hope it will be time left for 1MTT in day.  Level stays the same cash games 0.05-0.10c NL fullring,MTTs from 2-5 $. Good luck see you at tables.