Hello again,today i finished 7th day of my 10 block chart of 50vpp per day. Bankroll 648 $,all this keeps me motivative and hope protect my roll from going under 600. MTT tournaments did not cashed anything ,seems like curse droped on me in cash games all cards running againts me too,but level 0,05-0,10 keeps me in control of my BR. Dont like KK anymore,every time in preflop all-in face AA,now time has come to resolve this problem, when dealt pocket KK will try never 3-bet early position raise(short stackers will get all-in,hate them)just call thair raise.When myself with KK in early position,fold to 3-bet(except of course shortstackers).Can you write some feedback,i helping each other or not with my block .Ladies and gentemans GAMBLERS .good luck all