hello all,after first deposit of 600$ in november I got down to 472$ in december.The main reasons,played in NL 0.10-0.25 cash games.There were upswing,but downswing was hard to maintain and keep mind in normal position.My december tasks and tactics: made chart of 10 parts(days) level in cash games NL 0.02-0.05 fullring,to pickup 50vpp in every day( approx 2500hand)and left time play in MTT tournaments level 1-2 $ i will raise level when make 500$ it means 100 buy-ins in cash games,and MTT tournaments does not matter ,more buy-ins easy to take badbeat streak .Have some bonus money still to clear ,that means have all chances to go forward.I will keep you informing about my achievments,and hope it will help me at first and others to make good progress.