In an excellent performance I was running my way through a field of 1,573 opponents. Determined to run deep I was running with grit and the crowd was going crazy. Ace after ace, face after face, pocket pair after pocket pair, near flawless play and I was crushing my opponents. After 3+ hours of turbo grind it was down to heads-up play, only 2 players remaining. Recieving AK os in the big Blind, I make a large 4 X raise with 2,400,000 chips, opponent shoves with 2,100,000 chips, I call. Opponent shows 88 and it holds through a dry flop. With only a short 300,000 chips remaining the rest is history, but earning myself the second place mark won me a cool prize of $96.34. Very nice win.

Good luck from GHOST LINGO, I'll see you at the tables.