I'm from what I call the "original" poker school. I remember playing in the Open Skill League games when the the games would fill at 500 players. This was in 2011. Many players (poker school members) will remember this as well. That's when I joined the poker school program. Something very important to know is that a poker school ticket was required to enter these tourneys. Now-a-days this same ticket is not required to join an Open Skill League game, but is required to register on the leaderboard and to qualify for larger prizes. These used to be private events. It needs to return to the players needing a poker school ticket to enter ANY of these poker school events. Force (encourage) these players to join poker school and act on the leaderboard instead of them being donkeys. It's frustrating in the OSL and I strongly recommend a change. This is what I see all day long in the OSL. Players going all in on the very first hand with 37, 92, J5 and 39. That's 4 players all in and you happen to be holding KK in the first hand. There's many different ways that one could think about how to play the KK. Do you..A) Fold your hand because it's not likely that KK will hold vs. four donkeys all in and you know that you should not bust early otherwise you'll run negative points on the leaderboard ? or do you... B) say, screw it and go all in because you have a chance at a very big pot ? Either way it doesn't make any sense. I'll tell you what happens 9 times out of 10. The KK will bust and the donkeys will laugh. That's frustrating for players that are trying to learn poker and very funny for the donkeys that are not trying to learn poker and don't care about learning poker, Premier Skill League members should also not be allowed to enter in the Open Skill League games. They also can behave in the same manner that any non-member does. They can go all in with junk cards all day long and it does nobody any favors. Once they are Premier League members they have very little to gain and nothing to lose in the Open Skill League. That's not fair to our newest members to have to deal with this type of stress. I'll tell you what I can do in the OSL. I can enter in these games and go all in with 53,52,59,J5 all day long and the donkeys would enjoy that. It's disrespectful, so, of course I would chose not to do that. I want to see new members advancing to the Premier Skill League. I don't want to hinder them and get in there way when they deal with donkeys all day long and non-stop just for a chance at a $2.50 prize on the leaderboard and a Premier League ticket when it's actually something that they struggled to do because the donkeys put them negative points so many times throughout the month with their all in nonsense. Get these donkeys back to straight, that's what I say. Don't give them the opportunity to disrespect ANY of our members. At poker school we take pride in our members and we treat them with respect. Welcome to poker school.