As the word was going around some were expecting that I would not be in the Premier League for May while others were not sure. For me this was like sudden death overtime. I had one game remaining and it was a must score. Otherwise, I would be playing in the "O" for yet another month and that's not where I wanted to be. The formula says that I did well enough that I could advance. There were some players that did not have the minimum 20 vpp, thus means they will not advance. You need to make top 500 rank and also have the required 20+ vpp in order to advance. Keep this in mind for the upcoming months. The top 500 in the Open League will advance to Premier, but the 20+ vpp is required in your previous month to be able to advance. I would suggest viewing the "League Overview" at the top left of the leaderboard for further info. I earned $2.50 from Intelli-poker credit and 1 Premier ticket.  





Good luck at the tables, have fun