I've had to make some very glorified decisions. This was my first month in Premier League since blanking out in February of 2013 and unfortunately not advancing to the following month (March). So, I knew that I had to again get used to the structure of the Premier Skill League in comparison to the Open Skill League. Both are vastly different. Let's say they are worlds apart and completely different from each other. After 28 days of grind I've decided to "stand pat" with my score of 1602 points and a 20$ earning. I am 100% certain that I will not fall out of this 20$ spot and I do not have enough days left to reach a 50$ spot or better. Therefore, rather than jeopardizing the 20$ score I've decided to "stand pat" and lock it in. I'm complete for August. 



Good luck, I'll see you in the Premier Skill League for September.