I'll be honest. It was my idea to perhaps float in the 5$ zone on the leaderboard and simply continue on with Premier in August, but you know what ? I'm gonna keep going. I can see further benefits. I know that I'm doing this correctly. There is no doubt in my mind. Therefore, I will continue. If you haven't noticed I am advancing in points very very quickly. You gotta be sharp because I'm coming back to settle the score.  I'm at the advantage here. I take my training very very seriously and I don't like being bumped down the ladder. Therefore, I'm gonna throw the ladder and I'm gonna use a trampoline to get to where I want to go. There's some people in the field that I need to beat. Now is my time to show strength. Let it be known that I will surprise a few people. I'm a stand-up poker player with many years of experience. I take it very seriously. I've spoken with my poker friends in the Premier League and they know that I'm on my way. I'll be there in 2 weeks. Today I am extremely healthy, extremely focused and I want it to be known that I will present serious competition.


Good luck from GHOST LINGO, I'll see you at the tables.