ok, as everybody knows I'm a very serious player. I'm looking to unlock stellar reward # 6 when I reach the 5000 VPP. I'm setting up for a good year in 2014. I'm way ahead of most players in my category. Which means I'll be advancing. I'm taking this year to of course learn new things. Not only that, but to adjust some of these tilt factors and so-on. My attitude towards poker needs to greatly improve. I'm a tight aggressive player because that's how I was taught. I was taught that players will respect my decisions if I play tight aggressive. Reality is, they won't respect my decisions. Most of the players don't respect their own decisions. Why would they respect mine ? I'm switching gears and I'm leaving most of these players behind me because of that. I don't have time to wait. I'm currently 67.1 % complete on my stellar # 6 and if I'm estimating correctly I would say we are 57% through the 2013 year. I'm ahead. I will defenately acheive this goal, you'll see me ramp it up towards the end of 2013. Everybody knows that I won't let it slip. Once I'm through with the OSL I'll be Premier for at least 6 months. That's the goal anyway. I know for certain that the donkey factor is significantly reduced in the Premier League in comparasin to the OSL. I've won some prizes this year, but.......for me it's getting to be rather regular. so, as you win more the WOW factor decreases. Some of these bad things in poker, I'll simply have to deal with them. Some of these factors never cease completely. You learn how to effectively deal with them. Every day I am learning. This is how a star is born. It all starts with Poker School. My peers know that I will crush it. I will climb the ladder very very quickly when I'm ready to do that. Like I've said I'm already leaps and bounds and miles ahead, but as soon as I have a few experiences with the hard times in poker I become completely negative. For that I always always want to say sorry. I like to ensure that I am a gentleman, but stuff gets hot and it just wracks my brain. Poker is a heated game. There's no question about that. To become frustrated is ok. There's always a better way to deal with it. Good luck players, I'll see you at the tables.