Obviously players do get frustrated. This has been me in the past 1-2 months and It has been noticed. The frustrations include: 1) Not being able to pass (some) of the courses. 2) The PSO open skill league, more frustrating than you could ever imagine. 3) Not being able to earn a Big Bang ticket when I did everything under the sun that was possible to achieve that goal and still I had no ticket, it was driving me completely bonkers. My overall opinion about the PSO open skill league: I need to keep trying. I should not be discouraged. After 2 years of attempting the MTT course I have finally passed with 73%, good riddance to that. I also passed the fixed holdem' course with an 83%. I'll tell you why I did this. First of all I read the material very very very carefully. More carefully than most times because it just wasn't clicking when it came time to take the quiz. I'd put it away for 6 months and I would try it again. After winning all kinds of money in the Pokerstars MTT's still I could not get it right. It was extremely difficult and frustrating. As for the Big Bang ticket this should have been in my account 2 months ago. I did this (put forth an awesome effort) because I was ackowledged as a PSO member. Surprisingly (yesterday) I decided to check my available tourney tickets because Saturday, Sunday is approaching fast and I need to get organized. I know that I have 3 weekly tickets, I can also do the VIP CHROME + $5000 GUAR., and to my surprise I noticed a Big Bang ticket, well ty Jesus, Ain't that awesome. I was basically not moving, not doing anything at all until the Big Bang ticket was provided. I DO NOT NEED TO ASK. It should be there. I don't need to ask PSO to record my losses for me. It's done auto. Why should I need to ask for a ticket ? Go to this link, do that link, ask this person, talk to that person. Can I just have my ticket ? So, it was awarded and this gave me the boost to go for more tickets. I now have reason to believe that the tickets will be awarded. Although with the newest ticket winnings I won't need to ask. The system will generate the ticket for me. Now that's a great idea. For passing the MTT course (at present) the award will be a $3.30 Micro Millions ticket. For passing the Fixed Holdem' course my award will be 2X $1.50 Fixed Holdem' tickets. I'll need to wait 24-48 hours to be credited. That's fair. Thank you for Big Bang ticket.  Good luck to all players, I will see you in the Big Bang.