First of all I'm turning Poker School into my Facebook homepage hahaha just kidding. When I flippety flappety bo bap smackety thus 90 man in full poker I smack the hat for the one dollar, I diggetty smiggetty slam pap diggetty and then I run over to the cash 0.1-0.2 and I draw 2 blue lines, a red line and a face-off circle but I don't make any goalies. I place my hockey helmet in the bottom drawer. I take a run to the moon for a higher center of gravity and positional pull and then I turn on my semi-sencored echo box in the far left corner of my rear view mirror on the south side of the hamburger palace just so I can hear myself talking on the all-in. Equity of the second command of pecostinty should only be recieved on the fourth star, but I called him up and I asked him "sego maka sama lame du teststien da lu du my bankroll" ? He said the answer is clear "You need more chicken in you diet". So, I get the lawn mower out of the back shed, I pull the cord and I wind er' right up. It's just just to trim the hedges on the outside of my computer tray. Even though the smoke would blow everywhere I need to clean out some of the danderlions and crabs grass because sometimes I can't even see the screen. I know the cat doesn't like it, but I don't care. If he wouldn't see me on the 0.1-0.2 he wouldn't have chicken dinner in the morning. So, I grad the wagon to clear the brush because it sometimes runs 40-thick in behind the mushroom bush. Anyhow I am going on vacation to Hawaii in 2049, because I've been invited to fly on a spaceship there, but if Phil Hellmuth is not there I'm not going. I already asked him to be there. I was on the shores of the great north Ottawa Canada and I saw the most beautiful thing shining from the great God's sun. It was Ac As, OMG !!! I rushed over and I prayed before the dear Lord if I could please have the pocket aces. He tell me "no", so I fly back to prince brince in my silver F-33 fighter jet to make it back in time for Halley's PLO. I pack it in, I start cooking up my liver onions and I get ready for a nice game. I pull back the sofa recliner. I measure from left to right to make sure the screen is right, front, top dead center. I put on my solar image goggles and my space hat because I know they are all astonomers. I might get lucky that way and ahhhhhhh because I'm laughing like a nut my 9 month old baby is now laughing along with me but I don't even know if he knows what I'm laughing at and I don't even know if he might be laughing with me or at me or maybe it's this Smurf's T.V. show that he's laughing at or maybe he just likes to see Daddy laugh, regardless I don't know, but have a nice day from buddy GHOST LINGO.

Peace out, I gotta go