Ok...So i guess this is the start of my poker blog....or any blog for that matter...as i'm not much of a blogger...if that's a word...been described as a bit of a blagger...but that's another story altogether.

I have been playing for about 5 years but over the last 2 it has become a bit of an obsession for me.  My goal for this blag...sorry i mean blog...is to start to document my progress a little for anyone bored enough to want to read it.

So success so far.....not too much....but enough to keep coming back for more.

The first ,what i call, proper poker tournament i won was with play money but on a real poker site was 180 people MTT of which i guess suckered me in to thinking i may actually know what i'm doing..well enough to beat 180 other donks at least, and so i started playing freerolls. Being persistant i was normally able to finish in the top 45% and sometimes even make it to the final table to qualify for the second round where normally i was to excited and for want of a better expression, shot my load far too early in the tournament.

Wanting to improve my tournament .....stamina if you like, i decided i needed some help, so i started reading. Not the Karma Sutra for poker players but close to it, where i learnt things like position, if you excuse the pun.

I got hold of Daniel Negranu's Poker wisdom for all players, a great book for starting players with some really helpful tips.  Then i really started to get the bug for reading about poker as well as playing and read Gus Hansen's every hand revealed, which i really loved, amazingly easy to read and explained really well. I've now started to move onto some of the more advanced books like supersystem and others. I have found my game has improved massively and i enjoy reading the books almost as much as i enjoy playing the game.

So more recently i started playing in my local pub league and loved it. i recommend it to all of you interested in playing face to face poker, this is a fantastic way to start. i suggest contacting The Poker Tree if you're in the uk as they have an amazing structure for the game.

I played 2 seasons with The Poker Tree came 2nd in the first season and 1st in the second i played, which gave me entrance into their end of season final! yay! This was held in a real poker room in London with something like 180 players. what a day of adrenalin and excitment all 8 HOURS of it. I placed 15th due to a silly move but also passed the bubble to make entrance into the national final. yay again!

Feeling a bit sleepy now so....To Be Continued.....Dom dom dommmmmm.