I will continue my quest for Silver status.  This will be done in phases of course.  Last month's goal was 180VPP, so for February, I will increase the notch another 20%.  Earning 180 VPP required a little more effort on my part.  It was not a piece of cake, but neither was it stressful.  I will be playing mostly 6-max SNG at $1.5 level.


6-max SNG

Goal: 216 VPP

Weekly Goal: 54 VPP games

Daily Goal: 10.8 VPP (around 10 games)


Finish Book: The SNG Blueprint

I was around negative 2% ROI on the first phase.  It is important that I also improve my game if I want to be able to continue with this quest.  How?  Hopefully, if I am able to finish and learn the book "The SNG Blueprint," I will somehow be able to earn positive ROI and be able to move up one level ($3.5 buy-in) at the end of the month.  


Premiere League

I finished the January Premiere League in 419th position so I think I will be in the Premiere League again this month.  I will try to play 1 or 2 tournaments each day and with this I will be playing the 6-max SNG.


Get Enough Rest at the Right Time

I pretty much stayed up very very late and wake up very very late last month.  Though I am getting enough sleep, I still feel that going against the natural cycle of things is not healthy.  So part of the goal this February is to hit the sack a bit early... maybe around 10 pm will do for now.

Well, it's 9:20 pm already so, I better end this blog.  Goodnight everyone and goodluck at the tables!!!