Goal: 180 VPP ( a 20% increase from my 150VPP average per month)

Actual: 207 VPP ( 182 if you take away the 25 VPP boost )

Mission accomplished, but the ROI is -1.85 over 120 games of $1.5 6-max SNG, which is not really that bad.  The rest of the VPP came from 6K+ hands of 2NL Zoom ring games due to the January Daily Challenge, which also netted me a negative $2.01 profit.  The bankroll is very much healthy despite a couple of nicks, but looking at my graph, i feel like i am Chase of the Micros.

As for the Premiere League, I am currently 451.  I think I am safe to make it to the top 800 and therefore, the next month's Premiere.  Unless I ran pretty bad in the remaining games.  I may not get the top prize, but the $20 bonus if I make it to the top 500 can still make this a profitable month.

Next month's goal would be another 20% increase in VPP, or 216 points.  More importantly, improve my game in the 6-max.  I am beginning to like the game, takes only a couple of minutes of game paly.   I will also try to get my hand history reviewed by one the coaches here at PSO.

Well, until next time, good day and good luck!