In a few days from now, I am expecting some news that greatly affect my planning and decision making not only in poker but for everything.  So, I still can not make any long term poker plans for this year 2014.

For the mean time, as i wait, I will have to settle for a basic long term poker goal which is to improve my game.  But for this month, January, I have a few poker activities lined up:


Premiere League:

I made it to the Premiere League this month (playing December Open League) so I will be targeting 2 tourneys per day. One in the morning and another in the afternoon.  This will generally dictate my daily poker schedule.


6-max SNG

Late December, I think I have discovered another "niche" for my poker playing style in the 6-max SNG.  Yup! each poker game format requires a unique way of playing.  Yes, table dynamics differ based on players at the table, but in general, these players adopt a similar strategies (i.e., for Turbos, players are generally aggressive, while deep stack tourneys requires a nitty strategy.)  Unless you are a real student of poker (most players are not), you will develop a certain personal style of playing which can not be changed easily as you play one format to another.  Which is why you may find yourself winning on certain game but not on any other game.  Well, that's my theory at least.  I will be playing $1.5 until I have have about 100 buyins for the next level which is $3.50. I will be 3-4 tabling as I play the Premier League.


180VPPs for January

I average 150 VPPs per month.  I always make sure I have 150VPPs each month just in case I am playing the Open League or in this case the Premier League so I am sure that if I ever cashed in, I will be getting the higher prize bracket.  But for this month, as a personal challenge I will target a 20% increase in my monthly VPPs.  Late last year, I thought I can jump from 150VPP to 500VPP and get Silver status just like that.  I was so wrong.  So this time I will pace myself  (following Jared Tendler's The Road to SuperNova guide) aiming for 20% VPP increase every month.  Hopefully, 5 months from now I can get Silver status without breaking a single sweat.

January: 180 VPP

weekly:  45VPP

daily:  9VPPs daily, I get the weekends off.  

That's 9 games each day as $1.5 6-max SNG gives 1VPP per game.


Hand Reviews

1 to 2 hours each week including posting hands in the forum.


The Big Bang

This is a wonderful event, very tough but lot's of potential for a big bankroll boost.  So I have to make sure I write a wonderful blog each month so I can get my free monthly ticket.


Good day and Good luck everyone!