December was pretty much focus on playing the Open League.  As of this writing, Im currently in 509th position.  I am quite determined to make it in the Premiere League next month.  But I feel this will be another close call.  I play an average of 2 Open League each day, usually after lunch and late afternoon (our time) as my record shows these are the schedule where I get most of my points. Probably because there are fewer players during these times, usually around 7K players. By tomorrow morning I will probably fall down to 550-600th place.  That means I will have to really grind the few remaining games.

I have adopted a very tight play on this month's Open League.  I usually begin making a move when I am down to 15bb and around 3K players left.  And even at this point I only go with AJ+ or AQ+.  I avoided big pots early in the tourney even with KK+. But sometimes I can't help myself getting all my chips in the pot preflop.  In normal tourney I know this is a good play but with the Open League's point system, a single bad beat early in the tourney will cost you a lot of points and several steps backward.  If you want to get into the Premiere League by finishing in the top 500, what you need is to rack up positive points eventhough how small it is and a smooth and steady climb, at least that's what I think.  But if you are aiming for top 10, what you need is a basic understanding of the game and lots of free time.  You are probably looking at playing 4 games a day, which I can not do right now.

Later half of the month, I begin to see some hope of getting into the Premiere.  But as I looked at my VPP, I was quite far from 150VPP which you need if you want to get the higher bracket prize.  If you want to compete in the Premiere, you MUST HAVE that 150VPP.  There is a huge prize difference... $500 vs $5000.  In my case, getting 150VPP will be tough.  I do not have the time to grind the 90man MTT (which is the only game I know I am good at at the moment).  And I don't want to stress myself playing 10 tables for atleast 4 hours straight.  The only thing I have in mind is the 9man.  I was good at it before but not now.  At the moment, I am negative ROI in 9man.  But I have no other choice, I have worse ROI in other games.  Multi-tabling the 9man SNG to rack up the needed VPP's was disheartening.  Yes, I was getting the VPPs but my bankroll was steadily dropping.  It would have been nice if I managed to cash-in in the December Big Bang, but I bubbled it! But that will probably be a story for my next blog.

I tried Zoom cash game, thinking that my skill level has improved somewhat.  I think it has, but at 2NL and very few tables, the VPPs are slower.  Then one day, I tried 6-max SNG.   I can't remember what led me to 6-max.  Probably during one of my chat with a fellow PSOer 85FastLane.  I started playing only last Dec 24.  I told myself I will keep on playing it as long as I have break-even ROI.  But after a few games, ROI began climbing.  55 games later, ROI is at 27% and I am now just 5VPP short, which I can easily and calmly finish tomorrow as I play the Open League.  68VPPs in 6 days 4-tabling the $1.5 6-max SNG ( I played only about 2-3 sessions each day... that's just 2-3 hours of poker daily with lot's of rest in-between sessions)... hmmm...  I even played a few $3.5 levels and equally showed a positive result.  But I decided to just stick to the $1.5 as I am on 'uncharted waters' and for all I know, the 27% ROI could just be a fluke.

So what remains now is the leaderboard point for the Open League!  One deep run  of 50 points will probably secure my place in the Premiere next month.  As an added bonus, I played 3 consecutive Open League finishing in the top 400 which I believe will get me a Big Bang ticket.

Even if I don't get into the Premiere, I am still pretty much excited for next month... I might have discovered a new niche for my playing style and I want to explore it further.  It might open up new possibilities! I am speaking of course about the 6-max SNG!

Well, good day everyone and goodluck at the tables.