Not doing good with my $3.5 9-man Cowboy challenge... in fact I'm doing pretty bad. With a -22% ROI, I am losing $0.8 per game. My reserved bankroll for the challenge is down to $55.20 leaving me with about 15 games left to play before I completely bust out. I do not think this is downswing despite the very small sample size. I am definitely doing something wrong. I still have a chance to redeem myself but I need to put a lot of effort in studying my game before I continue on with this.

I have already taken the $3.5 SNG off my regular games and moved back to $1.5 level. 9-man Sit and Go is definitely not a profitable game for me at the moment. I have to start all over again and consider myself a newbie at this game. Because of this I decided not to pursue my quest for Silver Status at Pokerstars this November playing 9-man. There is no point in getting Silver status and losing all my bankroll.

So, for December, the plan is to re-learn the 9-man SNG as if I was depositing my first $50. Playing time will be cut down dramatically for real money and focus more on hand analysis (I hope...) but I will go for 150 VPP at least to maintain my Chrome status and be eligible for the higher prize bracket in Open League.

I will have to cut down on my tournament games also until I find my new bread and butter as I do not want to play 90-man as much as I used to. Although, I think my record shows that I earn more in tournament plays than my regular STTs or MTTs put together.

I have also began playing again at Full Tilt. They have a $0.5 9-man SNGs there and is a very good level for learning the game. 

You can find the details of my $3.5 9-man Cowboy challenge here.


Good day and Good Luck at the tables!