I remember the time I was about to dip my toe in online poker.  I was emailing Pokerstars' support and verifying if indeed I am allowed to play at their site. Upon receiving a positive confirmation, I immediately deposited my first $50.  I also remember how I lost that $50 after several months of playing 2NL.   "Hmmm..." I said to to myself... "this game is tough."  

So I deposited another $50... and again after several months, I found my bankroll down to $5.   "Hmmm.... hmmm..."  I said to myself again... "this game is really tougher than I thought!  This poker stairway is a difficult climb!"

Not losing hope, I knew that I need to learn more so I studied a little more.  Fast forward to present time, I can see that I have climbed a few steps up in terms of buy-in levels.  And if I did not make a significant cash out,  I can see myself a step or two higher.  

I know a couple of players who started playing online the same time as I did, and already they are leaps and bound ahead of me... kudos to them!  I know that they really really worked very hard to learn the game and with that knowledge... also comes their discipline.  No complaining about that.  They earn every bit of penny they won!

I guess the verse "What you sow is what you reap..." or something like that... can also be applied to poker.  Put a lot of loving in your game and you'll get the reward.... put a lot donkey moves in your game and you'll get a lot of crap!

If I continue improving my game, and I don't veer off significantly and don't take shortcuts, I may take a few steps down, but I am sure in a couple of more years I will reach the halfway point. 

Good day and good luck at the tables everyone!