Last month's Big Bang I managed to wiggle my way into the final table, but it was short-lived and finished the tourney in 9th place.  It was a great game though, as I was final tabling with someone I know from our Bankroll Coop Group, none other than PINOY_HITMAN.  I was even thinking we might go heads-up together, but luck was not on our side during the last stage of the tourney.

My excitement will carry over up to this month.  I was looking forward to October's Big Bang as my blog report last month already got a Big Bang stamp.  I set my alarm clock and slept for a few hours.  From where I am, Big Bang starts around midnight and last into the wee hours of the morning.  I don't want to be dozing off into lala land while playing. It happened a few times before, very -EV.

Early phase was slow.  I did not get a hand worth playing except for QQ which did not get action.  I was down to 24bb when I saw my first big pot.  I changed my usual play here and I was a bit nervous how it will turn out.

My next big pot came a bit from luck and error of my opponent.  Won another 10bb from it.

It was another dry spell and I was down to 4bb and I believe it was bubble time.  The big stack on my right has been stealing a couple of times.  I knew my A9 has a good chance, and none of the other players after me would call.

Finally, the dry spell was over.  I was getting good hands and no bad beats.  These two hands probably helped me reach the final table: 

An opponent's unlucky steal

And this one was a highlight for me.  I thought I had it with this one and found myself cursing my luck when the diamond appeared on the river.  I only realized that one of my Ace was also a diamond when the chips began moving towards me.

I hit a couple of more big pots securing my position in the final table.  I think I came in 2nd in chip stack at one point.  However, I think I began nitting up quite bad when there was 5-6 players left at the table.  Managed to recover with a successful shove with 6bb

I was very careful playing this hand.  I dont want to get eliminated earlier than the player with only 3bb left.

And finally, my last hand.  I think I made the right call again versus steal, but this time, luck ran out and finished third.

Hope you enjoy this post of my journey into the October Big Bang.  Remember, don't just give up those few remaining chips in front of you.

Good day and goodluck!