If you've read my March 2013 Results, you know that for this February, I will keep my goal very very simple to work on a specific problem.    I have not accomplished the number of games I have set in the previous months, always finding excuses for myself.  So, for this coming month, I will focus my energy working on my "grinding discipline."

Monthly Goal: 180 games of $1.5 90man Knock-Out

Daily Goal: 9 games, about 5+ hours of grinding each day, for 20 days.  I will have rest days on weekends.

I will not fuzz about other things like making profit, the Premiere League, or anything.  It may look very simple, but the most I've played in a month is about 70 games.  I believe one of the major obstacle that will keep me from my goal is downswing. Losing my confidence will cost me precious time to go back to the table and play continuously.  Well, this is where my free time during the weekend will come in.  No matter what, I must finish the 180 games even if it severely affect my bankroll.

That's it, that's my goal for February.  Goodluck Everyone!