Results for March 2013 Goals

Premiere League (Get in PL next month) - Failed

ICM Trainer (2000 hands) - Failed

$1.5 SNG (375 games) - Failed

The Big 2.20 or 3.30 (4 games) - OK

Bankroll Coop - OK

Watch Videos (5 videos) - OK

Review and Post Hands (6 hours) - Failed

Profit - $150 - OK

VPP - 150 points - Got 229 Points - OK

Well, although I did meet my target profit this month, I am not entirely happy. Somehow I feel I did not grind harder than I should. Reviewing the past months goals I have set versus the results I have achieved, I believe I don't have the discipline and the focus that I should have. I always find excuses not to play, whether it be schedule, downswing, not getting enough sleep, special events, blah blah blah.... So, for next months goals, I will have to keep it simple.  I will work on specific problem one month at a time, starting with Discipline!

Good Day and Good Luck at the Tables

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