Had a good start this March by getting ITM in Sunday Million 7th Anniversary with my free ticket that I won through the Million Club Promo.  So my existing bankroll has doubled.  My only question now is should I cash it or not?  

I do feel the power of having a big bankroll.  Losing 20 games straight in my regular grind does not seem to affect me anymore. It feels like getting a  nick  or a small scratch after a long battle.  I like that.  I get into the battle without fear of losing.  Well, of course I have to be wary, or I might let my guard down, get overconfident and play losely at the table.

I also managed to get a Big Bang ticket through blogging, but sad to say, I played it miserably. Probably because the WBCOOP took a toll on me.  I have been playing night shift during the WBCOOP, but I was not getting enough rest as it was very difficult to sleep during the day.  But I did won 4x $11 SCOOP ticket.

Getting into the Premiere League next month looks blurry at the moment.  Im currently 35087th in Open League and 965th in the Qualifier League.  Well, we will see.  I still have a month to grind.  But then again, there is the Micro Millions which I want to concentrate on and invest on some mid-level buy-ins and maybe the main event.  Learning some lesson on the WBCOOP, I won't be playing much of the lower buy-ins as I originally planned and I won't be playing one tourney after another on same day.

I have watched a few videos including Mr .Dave 'TheLangolier' Roemer's Managing a Big Stack in MTT's .  I have found myself with a big stack on some of the tournaments I've played, including in Sunday Million, but just don't have the skill to maintain my lead into the tournament.  So I will probably work much on this and my "post flop" play in the following days to come.   

I have already earned my 150 VPPs for the month whether I make it to the Premiere or not (and my target bankroll), so I am not going to focus on my regular grind for the rest of the month but focus instead on getting more rest and playing quality game in the MicroMillion tournaments!

Good Day and Good Luck Everyone!