Finally after several emails from support, I received my WBCOOP tickets last night.   A bit late, and missed several games I am familiar with.  Well, better late than ever.  Thanks Pokerstars.  I also receive 1 Big Bang ticket.  Yippeee! It was hard winning ticket by winning Open League 3x in a row, but I did get one, probably from blogging.  I have the rest of the month to get more tickets. 

But again, regular schedules have been ruined... i am not getting enough sleep... and energy level is a bit low thus I am not able to grind at max level.  Hope this get's sorted out soon. 

Had a big spike on my on my bankroll recently.  Great start for March.  Hope there will be more to come with the SCOOP and MicroMillions.  More about this later...

Good day and Good Luck Everyone!