Trying to recall some of the best moment while playing at Pokerstars, there is one particular event that comes to my mind and that was playing TCOOP #13. Not because I won a significant amount, which I did not. But because of the “elaborate” process I thought I had to go through to play in that event. I am a nit when it comes to bankroll and I have such an aversion to risk and variance that you will seldom find me in large field tournaments particularly a $33 one. But there I was...

I recently joined a bankroll coop group composed of fellow PokerSchoolOnline members. Each week we pooled a small amount (about a dollar a week). We then play a SNG in PS Home game to determine who among us get to play the resources we pooled together. I was lucky to win a share in one of our home game and received a small share to play a Sunday Storm satellite. It must be my lucky week and I won a $11 ticket. We unregistered of course and use the the Tourney $ to play a few more TCOOP satellites. I again managed to get a $27 ticket to a TCOOP event. A member of ours is already playing in that event so we decided to go for the TCOOP #13 which cost $33. The group members agreed to chip in another dollar each to add to our $27 T$ and so I was in!

I remember that day I excused myself not participate in our weekly coop homegame which usually starts around 5am because the TCOOP #13 started around 8am (if my memory serves me right). I need to have a good rest. But I was very excited that I think I did not get to sleep that much. There was a bit of pressure playing that game. First, it was a $33 buy-in game. If you have been playing micro games for years, that amount is quite a lot! Second, I was not just playing for my own money. So making a “donk” move in front of people railing for you I think is especially bad!

Early in the tournament, I was dealt a few big hands. An AKo on my 4th hand, a QQ on my 24th and another AKo on my 38th hand which I got all-in preflop. I raised UTG, everyone folded except for the button who pushed all-in. It took me a few seconds to call his shove. I was very glad I did not freeze up nor get scared of leaving the tournament early. Opponent showed AQ and I almost doubled up! I

thought I was already safe from bubble. I had a good stack but the game slowed down. No one seems to be getting eliminated and my stack slowly dwindles. I did not get any good cards good enough to steal with and many times someone has already raised before me. I finally settled calling a 2BB shove with my 5BB:

[replay hand_id=418386 type=small title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_475x327.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=47BB8DDBD3

This puts me safely ITM.  I managed to win a few more chips which pushes me up further.  Finally, I got blinded out and finished 392 out of 7749 and got $83 for my effort.  I got to keep half of it and the rest was divided among our group.  I think this is the biggest prize I've won in a big tourney so far and I can not forget the group railing for me. I did not play a perfect game but I think I did not play particularly bad!