Well, just in case I hit a slight bump along the way and don't get to win Sunday Million this March, I decided to list down a few more goals as a back-up plan

Premiere League -  Get in again through Open League and Premiere League Qualifiers

ICM Trainere -  2000 hands

$1.50 90man KO -  375 games; 5-6 hours session; 10-12 tables per session

Participate Weekly in Bankroll Coop Group

The Big 2.20 or 3.30 - 4 games at least

Participate in Micro Millions -  as long as it is within my bankroll, probably games of not more than $5 buy-ins

Participate in WBCOOP -  If ever I get my tickets

Watch Videos - 5 videos

Review Hands - at least 6 hours and post some hands (at least 3)

Profit - $150

VPP - 150 points

You can read the details of the goals here: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?46450-Ggervacio-January-2013-Goal&p=397895#post397895



For my February 2013 Results, I achieved most I the goals I have set up except for the Premiere League which was a dismal failure!  You can read everything here: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?46450-Ggervacio-January-2013-Goal&p=397341#post397341

Here is my Graph for February playing various SNGs and MTT


That's it!  Wish me luck at the Sunday Million 7th Anniversary! and Good luck to all of you too!