Activities for next month is focused on developing my grinding discipline. Daily grind is set quick SNGs games for about 2-3 hours instead of grinding large field which can last for 5 hours or more which may result in me burning out.

Plans and goals I have set for February is directly related from the results of January. Now I know what is possible and what is impossible for me to set. So if ever I reach the goal I have set, I will raise my next month's goal a notch higher so as not to stress myself. Besides, it's much more fun if you accomplish little goals instead of failing on reaching a very big goal.

Summary of Activities Set for Next Month:

- Premiere League - Finish in Top 200

- ICM Trainer - 1000 hands, 86%

- $1.5 SNG - 300 games

- $2.20 1R1A - at least 1 game

- Watch Videos - 5 videos

- Review and Post Hands - 6 hours

- Bankroll Coop - satellites to bigger games

- VPPs - 150 points

- Profit - $100

For details of each activity, click here: