I was not originally planning on entering the Time Vault Challenge but since some of the materials are already here...  just need to complete a few more... and I still have to a few days left.

Anyway, I am trying to figure out if my poker skill right now is enough for me to start my journey on becoming a pro-poker player.  That is one of the long term goal.  Im on "vacation" right now, have a few savings set aside (around 2-3 months... I didn't started off immediately on the challenge, but technically, i might have around 6 months reserve) before I go looking for a "real" job again...

I  believe, I am already half-way on generating the monthly target profit I need using my existing bankroll and poker skill.   In 2-3 months, we will see if I will succeed.   I posted my short term plans on the "Challenges and Battleground" forums.  Hope my creativity and willpower will kick in during this crunch time.

You can find my entry to the Time Vault Challenge here: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?46450-Ggervacio-January-2013-Goal&p=383730#post383730

Wish me all the luck as I really need to suckout big time on this one!!!

Thank you and good day.