With my 4th finish from yesterday's game, i moved up from 1000+ position to 511.  I still have 1 last ticket to play. The question is should I use it or not?  I am already in the top 800 so I will be in the PL again next month, but I am so close of getting in the money, though not much, $20 will still be a good add-on to my bankroll.  The worst case is I get busted first hand, which will probably cost me 15 points.  I may drop to 600-700 (800th is 1524 points) so I will still be in the top 800.  Open League still has some cash prizes to offer so it really won't be a big loss if I do not get to play in the Premiere next month. So I guess I am going to play my last ticket and hope for the best!