That's about 21 games, assuming I can play 3 tournaments a day.  Currently in 231st after a long downswing, and I badly want to get in the Top 79... Top20 would be great!!!  Current Leader has 2080 something points.  I am at  1600 something.  So, I would need to get about 3.. 4... first place finish and no more negative points!   Well, good luck to me!

What else needs to be done before the month is over?  Rack up more VPPs just in case I win the October Premiere League.  I need 150 VPPs... I have 100VPPs, so 50VPPs more.  If I don't get lazy, I can get 10VPPs each day, so still plenty of time.

I've completed my October Cowboy Challenge playing $1.50 90-man Knock-Out...  'Wasn't able to double my starting bankroll, but I was very close.  I think this October is pretty "bearish" to me, lot's of bad beads... I still can't forget what happened to my Queens...   Anyway you can find the result of the 100 games here:

As of this writing, my KK got busted by ATo, in the Premiere placing me 67th , but I think that's still positive point ....  To continue with the story...  I placed third in our Bankroll Coop a few days ago so I was given  $4.40 to play  a sattelite game to the The Hotter $44 tourney this coming weekend.  This will be the first time I will be representing our group in a satty game, so I am very much excited.  I think i caught the Satellite fever from our group members, so I might be playing more of it  next month.

Speaking of next month, to give you a preview of activities I will be doing:  continue bankroll building moving up to 1.50-2.50 buyins of 90-man non-turbos;  satellite games to bigger tourneys during the weekend; Im pretty sure I will still qualify for the next months Premiere!!!

That's it for now.  Good day and good luck at the tables!