It's already mid October and I have not blogged a single bit, not much of a "hi"  or anything, nor even wishing everyone luck at the tables.   I may be a bit quiet these past days but definitely not slacking on the virtual felt. 

First off, Premiere Skill League.  Yes, I made it by grinding through the Open Skill League las September.  Im currently #379, slipping slowly day after day.  Must be a downswing, plus, the Premiere League, i believe, is much tougher than the Open League.  Let's see if I can finish in the Top 50 of the Premiere League.  I still have plenty of days to grind.

2nd, Bankroll building.  My bankroll is a bit stable now. It has past my $100 mark.  I use the Cowboy Challenge to slowly build up my bankroll starting with 25 cents 90-man, which was quite successfull.  Then I followed it with 50 cents 90-man turbo, which was just about break even.  You can see the result of the September Challenges here:

And this October, i am doing the $1.5 90-man Knock Out with a fellow PSO member who bought 10% of the starting bankroll.  Im already finished 75 games.  So far so good, but the last 25 is still very critical.   With this challenge, I also hope to build enough VPPs for the Premiere Skill League so I can get in the "+150" bracket.  You can see the progress of the the challenge here:

Third, I always believe there is "strength in numbers" so I have finally decided to join a poker group whos objective is to build a bankroll by pooling a fraction of each members bankroll and using that pool to play satellite games to bigger tournaments.  I pretty much like the structure.  Quite affordable to any beginners in poker with very small bankroll.  The group chooses the players who will play the pool through qualifying rounds in PS Home Games run by the group.   Very good support group.  You get to learn many things with fellow members who share ideas with each other.  Also, the cheering you get while you play in a tournament is priceless, "+EV" !!!  If you are interested in learning more about this group, you can click the link here:

That's it for now. I hope you will continue to stay tune to future updates.  Would very like to hear from you.  Any comments or suggestions will be very much appreciated, but please be kind .

Good Luck at the tables Everyone!!!