This September, I have decided to take a series of Cowboy Challenges for the 90-Player SNG/MTT.  Personally, I prefer the regular speed.  I don't have much confidence in Turbo's game, and I thought it does not suit my tight (bordering nitty) style of game play.  But since there is not enough option for the regular speed 90-players after the 25 cents level (the next level would be the $1.5 90-Player Knock-Out, then the $2.50 Regular Speed), I thought it would be best to learn the Turbos game starting with the 50 cents.  To familiarize myself with the Turbos, I decided not to multi-table beyond 2 tables.  Despite that, I was surprised that I still logged as many games as the 25 cents.  And playing less table gave me better result compared to the last time I played the turbos.  After 46 games, I almost doubled my starting bankroll.

Starting Bankroll: 12.50
Current Bankroll: 22.52
Total Games: 46
Total Buy-ins: 18.50
Total Prize: 28.52
Total Profit: 10.02

You can check the details of each tournament result here: