I will be playing a series of 90-player SNG/MTT to build up my bankroll again.  I currently have $26 on my account.  I will be concentrating on $0.50 Turbos.  I really would like to be comfortable with the turbos game.  Last time I tried it, I was a negative ROI.   Depending on my bankroll status, I may drop to $0.25 regular speed or move up to $1.00.  I will be implementing a little bit aggressive bankroll management.  As long as I have $30 or more, I will try to play in the $1 level, and move down to $0.50 once the bankroll drops to $25 or less.  And if bankroll drops to critical level, I may move down to $0.25, which I am most comfortable.  I may, from time to time, take a stab at $1.50 knockout or the $2.50 Regular speed.  But I doubt I will see volumes on these levels.

I will be posting tournament results on this thread:  http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?44073-September-2012-Cowboy-Challenge&p=363837#post363837