This is just a short recap of February, to fill up the void in my blog for the past few weeks.  Did not do well in WBCOOP but i managed to get 2-$5 and 2-$11 tickets.  And it was tough getting those tickets, not only was the game tough, but I had to reconfigure my biological clock for three days over the weekend.  Most of the tourneys in the WBCOOP starts 11pm my time so I forced myself to sleep during the day, wakeup around midnight and stay up during wee hours in the morning eventhough I busted early since I really can't sleep anymore.  Well, at least I still have something to look forward mid this month for the Micro Tourneys.

For the second time, I failed my $0.25 45-player Cowboy challenge.  I only managed to play around 75 games and I have lost half of my starting bankroll for the challenge. So right now, Im not sure what to try next.  Can't go back to 10 cents cause I really need to earn VPP points.  Why? well I am eyeing the Premiere League in the next few Months.

I managed to get in the February Premiere League via the Open League.  And I finished in the top 300  giving me a $2 prize... Yippeee!  I thought I was going to get invited again in the Premiere League this March, but guess what, I did not earn 20 VPP... sad... so no Premiere League this month. 

So for March, actually I have to slow down and spend less time playing poker because major changes are about to happen on my job and I have to prepare for what could be another career (definitely not poker!  not yet!).  Also, I noticed I am so focused on building my bankroll (not that I have built up anything substantial) and the fun part of playing poker is suffering.  So I have decided that I will play poker mostly during the weekend and really not grind anymore... and play poker as hobby and let the fun build up  again just like when I was just starting.  I am sure when I hit my ONE TIME it will be much more sweeter!!!  I will still be very nice I could still win that $5K... smile...

Until next time, goodluck at the tables!!!